Saturday, July 21, 2007

Here we are a Saturday night, and I thought I would post an update of seemingly random stuff.
First off, today saw me at the Australian Wool and Sheep show. There was loads of interesting stuff there, no doubt about it. Wool in many varieties and breeds, loads of colours, dyes, patterns, wool craft goods and exhibitors. I am not entirely sure what it was I was looking for, but no matter - I didn't find it. I left feeling a little dissapointed in the offerings, with a small scented melt for my oil burner, and a pair of stitch markers.
I am nearly finished the custom order I am doing, and looking forward to posting a few pics of it once it is finished and it's new owner has received it. I am also about one third the way through a pair of cargo style longies for Mr Mayhem in posmerino, thus breaking my own rule of only working on one thing at a time. I am 99% sure I don't have enough wool to complete them, however it is ok, as the wool is available and I am knitting it undyed and dyeing the finished product black at the end.
Also in the very soon (next week) pipeline, are two soakers for a trade I am doing, and two calorimetries for a friend.
All progress has been severely stunted however by a rabid abcess that has had me howling like a wolf throughout the night for the past week, and unable to eat properly. As a result I am feeling drained of all energy, and entirely lacking in mojo. I am hoping the course of antibiotics I am on will help with that alot.
Other ideas whirling in the dervish that is my brain include:
  • Do I really want to make longies and a matching hat with the 'Turkish Delight'? What about a dress?

  • A wrap style jumper for Miss Mischief in the mohair/silk/alpaca/ wool blend that I have sitting around in a deep deep burgundy. Completely forgot I had it until I went wandering into the spare room / floordrobe/ bottomless stash pit in a forage for the posmerino.

  • A little under 400 grams of my current Bendigo Woollen Mills favourite - a 12 ply 85% merino / 25% angora blend, as yet undyed and squeaking in it's rabbit like way to be given love in the form of a simmering dye pot.

  • I would really like to attempt to make a shawl for myself, nice and large, in a lacey type knit. I am unsure of pattern, but I definitely want it in luscious colour - not neccessarily bright, but certainly deep.

  • A new type of set to go in the store, first one to be auctioned, just to see the reception it receives.

That's about it for me this evening. Lots to do, lots to do! Will be back soon with pictures, I promise!