Sunday, February 24, 2008

An update! *gasp!*

Long time no update! As per usual. I do tell myself I will update more often to avoid long, rambling posts like the one ahead, and yet never manage to stick to that promise. Take that as a warning.

Right into it, a random assortment of finished objects. We have in order of most recently finished, the Kaibashira socks, made in Colinette Jitterbug yarn, colourway 'Summer Berries'. Made short because they are stingy on the yardage in a skein.

Followed by the Rainbow Socks I made for Master Mayhem, aka Captain Drum Solo. Knit from Bambino Merino 4 ply, they are lovely and soft, and he just adores them, never wants to take them off. He's a lucky boy though , he very nearly lost them permanently.. but more on that later.

My first socks, made in 8 ply pear tree merino from Jolly Jumbuck. I decided I had to finally learn to make socks, and metal dpn's were too slippery. Lacking the funds to purchase wooden DPN's at the time (and lacking the patience to wait for them to show) these were knit entirely on bamboo skewers, of the variety you chuck on the barbie. Full of pride, am I, says Yoda!

And we have The Bat scarf. I am so fortunate to share my love of bats with such a groovy sister in law as I have, and so when I saw this pattern, I know it had to be made for her. The squealing when she unwrapped it was well worth the hours of ripping out it involved. Point to be made though - this is not something I reccomend as a first lace pattern. Lovely result though!

Recent dye jobs done by moi -

'Cherry Docs' - did anyone else polish their cherry red doc martens with black shoe polish, then as the polish wore off the cherry came through? I did, hecne the name of this one. I love it! Just wish it was on something much nicer than Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply.

'Jacaranda Tree' - made for a swap with a friend, I do adore the colours in this. Dyed onto the lucious Bendigo Woollen Mills 'Cameo' - a squishy wool and angora blend in a 12 ply that knits as a 10 ply.

Tales from Captain Drum Solo -

in the past fortnight alone he has destroyed two tubs of butter. I don't understand his predeliction for butter, but it is always his medium of choice. The medium of mischeif, the medium of painting the hallway, the oven, the floor and the cat. He will eat it by the spoonful if I let him, but the most recent mishap nearly destroyed his favourite rainbow socks!!! He is learning you see, that occasionally mum will be a little upset if you are found doing something she has repeatedly told you not to do. He didn't realise this however until after he had coated the floor in butter. Needing something handy to clean it off with, he whipped off his sock, and started scrubbing. The result? One rainbow sock, caked in butter. Only one way to get it clean, and it involves HOT water. In they went, our fingers crossed, backup plan of teeny tiny baby booties as gifts at the ready... luckily for him, they came out the other side unscathed, the same size, same stitch definition, just a little halo of fuzz about them. Lucky!

He has also been returned by the neghbours twice now, and had me chasing him down the street about five times. The boy is a climber, this I know. What I had not counted on was his stealth - he can climb straight over the front fence and out into the street without making a sound. Given that he also knows how to unlock doors, and sleep walks this is a terrible thing. We are in the process of fitting lock up near the very top of doors.

The Mistress Of Chaos has finally learned to get a little of her own back though! Now walking with great confidence she will occasionally rile when pushed over and give him a taste of his own medicine. You go girl. ;)

Lessons Learned -

Our street isn't quite the lovely quiet street we had imagined - our car stereo was stolen last night. Charming!

Don't ever even vaguely attempt any lace knitting while the children are awake and rampaging, you will fuck it up every. single. time.

Apparently anti - reflux medications such as Somac will cause false positives for marijuana on urine drug tests. You know, the kind you generally have before you start a new (much needed) job with new (much needed) income? Ask me how I know :)

Other trollop and tripe - Big Mac has a new job, and has left the old one. Fingers crossed this one turns out much better. My birthday sucked some fairly major ass, with the not-so-darling one making his usual half assed last minute effort. Thanks for the still warm hastily whipped up cake with melty icing and the card dear. On the upside cheers to the parentals for the gift voucher for the knittery, and to pip you too for such awesome swap timing :)
Back another day another time, because the children are trying to choke each other. Argh!