Sunday, May 22, 2011

Return of the Crazy.

So, I am back. For those playing at home this means I am now either no longer pregnant, or made up the whole thing to take an extended break from the business and the blog. Given I've not had issue with taking a blog break before for no reason other than not feeling particularly chatty (also known as Can't Be Fu.. uhh.. Motivated), and also given I actually love doing what I do, I guess it has to be the case that I now have a really good Finished Object to show off? And indeed I do. 
I won't say he's the BEST finished object ever, because to do so would be kinda rude to Mr Mayhem and Miss Chaos, but he's definitely in the top 3 :p
Fresh from a bath at one day old.

BJ wound up being born on the 29th of April at 5.18am via emergency ceasar after a failed induction. Little bugger snoozed through labour, and refused to descend any further. Thankfully, this ceasar went far FAR better than the last one, and was not so much of a rushed emergency as a 'well, ok we are doing this now' type of emergency. 
He weighed 6lb 10 oz at birth and now at 3 weeks and 3 days old has gained half a kilo on his birthweight already. He is a cruisy baby, never terribly stressed UNLESS that horrible thing happens. 
That horrible thing? Getting cold. 
Lucky his mam's a knitter then, eh?
Two weeks 6 days old

There has been a fair bit of knitting going on. At this stage, I can't spin due to the ceasar making me ache a bit if I try but I should be back at the wheel soon. I've not been sewing either, because the sewing studio is BLOODY FREEZING - a situation which will hopefully be rectified this week when I buy a small fan heater for it. So in the end, the only crafty pursuit left to me at the moment is knitting. I'm glad to have something to just pick up in between feeds and bum changes, book reading, sandwich making, picture drawing, drink getting and laundry washing. 
The 'Oceans and Islands' socks were finished a bit over a week ago now. The first sock heel was turned while I was in labour with BJ, and they came along fairly quick from that point really. Hospital provides good knitting opportunity. The pattern is Traffic Island Socks by Redscot (Ravelry link) and the yarn is Malabrigo Sock Yarn I got in a swapsie with the lovely SunriseSister. Great pattern which is very easy to memorise and gives a nice chevron look that I love. This is my second pair of these, the first went to my mother in law as a christmas gift. It's rare for me to like a pattern enough to do it twice!

Since finishing these I have also busted out a much petted skein of 5ply/sport weight 100% cashmere in a lovely spring green and knit a scarf. It is finished but photos will have to wait until after it is blocked, as it is currently soaking in a bucket. 

Mentally I am feeling far more back on board than I have in a while (surprise surprise) and I have been plotting and planning - Ravelry events, new stuff for the store, new projects, new colour combinations, new things to see, do and share. It's all happening folks! Somehow the whirlwind in the brain that I never thought I would miss is back, and its return is welcome. Full steam ahead! (well. as much the body will allow)