Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Turning 30 and the simple things in life..

It's been a busy and often hectic few months. There was kindy break up, chirstmas and new years and all the hilarity usually involved in those times of year. There has also been the launch of the first Mayhem and Chaos yarn club, and two sizable updates in the shop thrown in there too. There was also the non stop hunting for and applying for a new house, which took all my time and got very scary in there, followed by the subsequent moving to a new home as well. In that time there has been no small amount of dye poured, tea poured, miles covered and tears shed. Much of the time, most things had to fall by the wayside in order to reprioritise other things - like finding a new roof to put over our head. Out the other side of all this, I have emerged to look around me, and be blindsided by turning the big 3-0.
It's a fairly momentous thing in my life, this turning 30. It's not something I dreaded or feared at all, I have always maintained that women only get ~really~ interesting after they turn 30. The last few weeks in the lead up have seen me re assessing things a little more. Wondering what lays ahead but for the first time in a long time, appreciating what I have right now, and letting go of a few things I've been hanging on to, and shouldn't have been. It's very cathartic.
I've realised that I really do enjoy some simple things in life the most, and that there's naught a thing wrong with that. I've come to the conclusion that some people really do enjoy playing high school games, some people really do enjoy being miserable and negative, and I need to let go of my annoyance with that, and just move on and leave them to it. And I've decided that when it comes to my family, it's ok to fight for the things that I believe in, to state my thoughts and opinion, and that I have just as much right to be heard as anyone else.
I'm wondering if this is a midlife crisis, (of sorts) but have decided if it is, that's ok too. Some people get fast cars and faster women (or men), I get emotional and mental revelations. Fair enough.
Enjoying simple things is something that many of my lovely friends understand about me, judging by the gifts I have received. From my mum and dad I received a new food processor and blender combo - my previous one was killed from over use through time, so I am pleased to have a brank spankin' new one, and wasted no time at all in cranking out something tasty.

Happy Birthday to me!
From my sisters I received the first series of Miami Ink on DVD, and a Dymocks book voucher. With the voucher I went and bought myself a recipe book I had been eyeing for a while - 'Apples For Jam' by Tessa Kiros. My husbands lovely family gifted with another of her books also - 'Falling Cloudberries'. Both books are filled with stories behind recipes, beautiful photography and fantastic homely recipes that cross many cultures. As a bonus, both books are extremely beautiful to look at, too.
Happy Birthday to me!
From another of my sisters I received some delicious loose leaf tea, a brand spanking new beautiful teapot, and some matching tea mugs. From a gorgeous friend of mine Darrow I received a tea tray, some madagascan vanilla loose leaf tea, a big infuser, and a mug that is more of a BUCKET than a mug. It seems people know of my love for five minutes quiet (when I can get it) with a hot strong mug of tea. Is there anything better, I ask you? It forces you to just SIT for ten minutes, assess your day, and just be a little more aware of your surroundings.
Happy Birthday to me!

Not pictured but loved just as much I was also gifted with two free fiddle lessons from the lovely Gillian, a beautiful necklace from the stunning Jen, and some cashmere to spin and a felted project keeper from Susan :) I have most certainly been spoiled!
Last but certainly not least there is the gift I received from my husband (and children, by proxy) which detracts from the running theme of simple pleasures being the best. Co ordinating it was not simple, and it in itself is not simple either - intricate and detailed is a better description.
New Ink - Looking down leg
After five hour in the chair, I have a complete outline which I love. More pictures from start to finish coming in a month or two when it is fully completed on glorious colour.