Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bits, bobs, this, that and the other.

Be prepared for a possibly rather long winded post. Some things I am sure, will be of note to some, and others, well, not so much lol. Certainly time for an update of sorts however.

Those of you playing at home will have noticed BalderDASH has dissappearred from WAHMania. And we have indeedy - but we have re opened as Mayhem and Chaos. I have a couple of reasons for that, and short and to the point they are -

*As I wasn't making any money from the BalderDASH store, I had not gotten off my ass and registered the business name. I did check it was available before opening, but that was some 4 months ago now, and in the meantime someone else registered it.

*I also felt like a new name, to show that I had decided to go in a different direction with the store. See - I am a bit, well, anal about what I dress my kids in. They don't wear merchandised clothing, and I get a little bit over all the pastel pink pink and pink available for the girly whirl. The boy looks good in just about anything, but again, there was just so much of it I didn't like. I solved this problem by making their clothes myself - my mum was a seamstress and I have helped her make everything from kids clothes, to adult clothes, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses etc, for years - so to me, no hassle. The problem with knitting however is, much as I love it, it takes a lot of time, that I just don't have chasing my two around. Sewing is marginally quicker, and judging by the compliments I get on my kids clothes, I figure there is a call out there for funky stuff that doesn't cost the earth. (Oilily anyone?) With Mayhem and Chaos I aim to fill that gap.

*I just like Mayhem and Chaos better lol. It's named after the kids - Mr Mayhem's nickname is obviously Mayhem, and I didn't realise until a couple of weeks ago, but you can actually get Chaos from the letters in my daughters name and she has been The Mistress Of Chaos ever since lol.

So there's the reasons. That said here are some pics of recent completions.

These are a pair of cargo longies I made for Mr Mayhem - they are a bit long in the leg, but I made tham that way to as to get two seasons out of them. They are knit from Posmerino from The Knittery, and incredibly warm. I then overdyed them in black landscapes dye and I quite like the mottled look they came out with - makes them appear well worn already.

And this is the set I currently have for auction on WAHMania under the new store name. The set is a size 1, and the bottoms are knit from 85% wool and 25% angora that I got from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. It's one of my favourite yarns I have ever used, because it knits up so unbelievably butter soft. I would say softer than the 100% alpaca I have used.

In other news - The mistress of Chaos has decided pulling herself up on her knees is a good trick. She still hasn't figured out how to get DOWN from that position, but immediately progressed to hauling herself to her feet, overnight. I am a bit aghast at that!

Mr Mayhem however decided to live up to his nickname yet again yesterday morning, by painting the entire hallway with a jar of vegemite about 5mm thick onto the wall while his (very stupid) mother had fallen asleep on the couch. Thankfully it cleaned off remarkably easy, but I can truthfully say that the smell of pink grapefruit pine o cleen 4 in 1, mingled with the scent of vegemite is right up there with the worst things I've ever smelled.

And finally, I recently purchased Regina Spektor's current album and I highly reccomend it. She has such a great voice, and I am singing along with it like summer is here already - the vocal chords are just as good as they ever were (back in the good ol' days of gigs and guitars and all the shit that goes with it) and the freedom of singing again seems good for the soul.

And speaking of good for the soul I am also working my way through season 2 of Supernatural... how good is Jensen Ackles? He can park his boots under my bed any day... mmmmm.

Thanks for the comments on the set in previous post below - very pleased with how it turned out, but the memory of it is still giving me nightmares!