Saturday, May 24, 2008

But, why is the rum gone?

It's been a while, again. I am going to be a good girl though, and not include pictures in this post. Mostly anyone reading this is a member on ravelry, in which case you can see recent finished objects over there. These include a non chevron chevron hat, done in jumbuk wools hand dyed (beautiful rich colours). A set of evangeline fingerless mitts which I love and wear constantly. Thankfully I had the good sense to make them initially in an acrylic because they've been through the wash multiple times already. Beanies for both my boys, and although they aren't up there yet, finally some socks for Mac. He's been nagging me for a while for his own pair of handknit socks, and I finally made them. It took him less than one day to start bagging me for more of them lol. Apparently, real love, means real socks. Or, so I am now being told.

Also, I finally succumbed. I started spinning. 
The delectable Naked Pippi sent me a spindle, and some fibre. From the second I gave it a turn I knew it would be the end of me. I now have that spindle, a couple of interchangeable whorls for it, and a spinning wheel I bought on ebay. I also have a respectable fibre stash. (not as respectable as some, but thats ok.. I like to leave myself time and options for things to get REALLY out of control). It is relaxing though. God knows I need more relaxation in my life. So far I have also completed one of the beanies and a twisted drop stitch scarf out of yarn I have spun myself. I still feel like some sort of magician whenever I do it. Currently being spun is the 'happy hippie' colourway I got in the first installment of Ewe Give Me The Knits mixed bag fibre club. Such lovely colours, and when I am done I will knit it into an earflap beanie for the wee chaos girl. Her pink and black beanie is starting to get a little on the small side. It still fits, but barely, and I don't see it lasting the winter. 

I am currently working on an ice queen in some GORGEOUS red laceweight that I was RAK'ed by the lovely Sandybags :) It's stunning stuff and perfect for the project, though slow going because time and space to work on it is hard come by. It will be finished by July however, I promise that much.

The only other thing on my needles at the moment is my Pomatomus socks. Also known as the socks of death. The first sock was frogged and re started three times before I got the hang of it. Each step along the way has taught me something new, and they are certainly a challenge. I am knitting them in the 'Water Lillies' cashmerino from The Knittery, which I bought with a gift voucher mum and dad sent me for my birthday. It feels fitting to be knitting these socks from it given the pattern is that of fish scales - mum and dad being folk of the fishy persuasion. I'm not big on boats and fishing myself but they are, so they will be a good reminder to me to call mroe often :) I have promised myself they will be finished by the end of this month so I can enter them in The Knittery groups monthly competition on ravelry.  I am one and a half chart repeats into the second sock, with the first sock complete.

On family life news, Mac is enjoying his new job. He has been there a bit over three months now, and they offerred him a full time position basically as soon as his three months was up. He has recently moved across to night shift, which is suiting all of us well. I only wish there were more hours in a day.
The Master of Mayhem is now finally coming out with words more frequently. Previously classed as being non verbal, it seems he has finally decided that saying words and deomstrating his understanding them more than ONCE, might be a good thing after all.
Princess Chaos becomes more of a diva with each passing day, though her hair is finally growing enough to make her look like she has some.
Tales from the crypt of 'How can two small children be that mischevious?' include this weeks escapade where they broke into the pantry at 5 am, covered the whole house in cheerios, and marinated my mobile phone in tomato sauce. It is very dead. I had to buy a new one.
In my less than impressed state I did some hardcore shopping, moved them into a room together, and bought the most houdini proof baby gate I could find for the hallway. Get into the pantry NOW will you???? Bwahahahahah.

The added bonus of this though means I will have my own craft room now - oooh. Dreams DO come true!!!!!!

Pics in the next entry, hope everyone is doing well. If you can make it to Bendigo sheep and wool, and you haven't put your name down for the bbq yet, do it!!! I'll be there!!! Hungover, but there. Come laugh at me as a wince at sudden moves and loud noises.

Anyone know where I can petition to get a few extra hours in each and every day? I know I am only going to use them for sleep, but my sleep is compromised at the moment. All that useable time, spent comatose.. what a waste.