Monday, March 23, 2009

The wheels on the bus go...

Long time no blog! Have not really had much to be blogging about, or rather not much I felt like sharing, for a little while now. 
Bare with me while I find feet again. 
Since last blog, there's been birthdays galore. I turned 29, and the big Mac turned 35. I think we are both feeling a little older than our actual years at the moment though. 

There's been a little spinning, a little knitting, and a little shopping along the way there. 
Spin wise, here is a little 'Good Day Sunshine' for your Monday evening:

She is a 2 ply, Polwarth / Mulberry Silk blend that comes in at roughly a 5 ply or sport weight. 

Knit wise there was a little lace, and a little girl. 
Forest Canopy, in The Knittery's Merino Slim Sock, 'Bloody Mary' colourway. This is going to a swap partner over in the west. I do hope she likes it!
(Modelled by me, don't worry, I've lost weight since this pic, not quite so ala porkess now)
Also, a nice grey snuggly cowl, from the 'Precious' yarn from spotlight. 
And lastly a cute wee cotton dress for my girly girl. 

Not all that much in the way of shopping really. There's been fibre club, but I don't really share that on the blog, because I never know who is reading and who has theirs and who doesn't.  I will however share the hand dyed baby alpaca that arrived in the mail the other week, from Ewe Give Me the Knits. It's the 'Luka' colourway.

I love love love it and I'd like to sleep with it, if only it wouldn't felt if I did. 

So there's the eye candy. There's more quilts in the works too. I'm currently test knitting a little something for a friend, and scouting out quilting fabric. I need to make Mr Mayhem a little something for his bed - leaning towards a green batik and Jungle theme at the moment. And for my Little Miss Chaos I will also be making one to coincide with the graduation into a 'big bed'. ~sniff~
I'd like them both to be tiny babies again, no doubt about it, but given they've both shot up numerous inches in the past few weeks, that is NOT going to happen. 
We've made good progress with the toilet training with the boy who is now nappy free except for night times, and very happy about it too. Shows off his 'dundies' to everyone who cares to enquire. He also started three year old kinder one afternoon a week a couple of weeks ago, and now the fridge is filled with paintings and glue-ing galore. Picture display spots are at a premium around here now, dontcha know?

That will have to do for the current catch up - I need to go finish compiling the list of what I will do with this weeks tatslotto winnings. ('cause I'm winning - oh yes, I am. positivethinkingpositivethinkingpositivethinking)