Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finished - in more ways than one.

A quick entry in between other commitments (ie just before I put my wee girl to bed so I can get some other things done).

What a busy busy busy week we have had around here! I am going to have to put this in bullet point form I think, there's just so much whirling around in the headspace.

*I have ordered a new wheel, to be paid for when the tax return comes in. It's a Majacraft Rose, and hideously expensive BUT - I am hoping - worth every darn penny. I am now checking the bank account for the tax return on a daily basis, and near climbing out of my skin in anticipation of it arriving. Finally more than 50 grams out of one bobbin! yay!!!! Pics are promised when she arrives.

*I have finished the Helena cardi for Miss Chaos, it's very cute and suits her well. Perfect fit too! I was worried it would be too small on her and stressed even once it was finished. But the old adage is true - it really does all block out in the end ;)

* Things are getting a wee bit busy on the business front - there's been dyeing of some sort almost every day this week, and I'm enjoying it, but running myself ragged too. The need to get some care for the kids at least one day a week, or have a better set up so I can work with them around is very obvious.

* The Macbeast is looking to be transferred to dayshift (heh.. I almost just typed dayshit) as it seems night shift has become more of a sortanightshift. They are now starting perpetually at 9.30 pm, and this is a schedule that doesn't work for anyone in this family, least alone him. He is speaking to the shift co-ordinator about it this afternoon, so we will see what the outcome is. 

*And finally.. I have resigned my post as moderator on EB and will be switched over to normal member this week sometime. With all the work going on with the business, and alot of other stuff regarding opportunities, something had to give. And that was the thing that had to give - I'm sure the person who is stepping up will fulfill everything admirably! I'll still be around though, don't get rid of me that easy.

It's a little girls nap time! I had best be off! I will be back to do the Tracey tags ;)