Thursday, July 5, 2007

Having a ball (or two)

Finally, finished and dry and wound into balls, here is the wool I have dyed for a custom order. I started off with 2 x 200 gram balls of cream wool, then handpainted using landscapes dyes and a steaming method to acheive a very pale and subtle pastel rainbow. I'm very happy with the final result and looking forward to seeing how it knits up.

I am hoping to start on the knitting tonight - if Miss Mischief ever admits defeat and surrenders to sleep.


Kylie said...

Oh - it looks devine all rolled up - looking forward to seeing it knitted up. And welcome to blogging world!

celia said...

oooh pretty colours. For a girl?

The BalderDASH babe herself... said...

Yes, for a wee girl :)

Pics of knitted up swatch coming soon. (ie when I get off my bum and upload them ;))