Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Small things and small roadblocks.

So ah.. that photo a day thing.. that lasted a long while eh? I got blind sided by a recurring abcess under one of my teeth, so there's been too much pain to even consider photo taking. I figured I'd get back into it and make up for lost time, but.. meh. I figure I am more of the random photo type of person anyways!

In the meantime though, there's been a bit of knitting going on, and some spinning too, so I do at least have some photos to show! First out we have a cute wee baby set, the first thing I have made for the new babe coming along. 
The 'Green Goblin Baby Set' consists of the Offset Wraplan Cardigan, and a pair of Stay On Baby Boots. 
The yarn is hand dyed sock yarn from Ewe Give Me The Knits, which I purchased at the 2010 Sheep and Wool Show. The buttons I found at spotlight. 
I made the smallest size, but the pattern calls for it to be knit on 3.5mm needles. I went up to a 3.75 mm, mostly because it made a nicer fabric, and used 3.5mm's for the garter bands and button band. 
The boots are amazingly cute. 
I did the soles in stockinette instead of the garter the pattern called for, and I did them in some left over Dream In Colour Smooshy I had laying around from when I knit my dad some socks for christmas. I like the way they turned out too. 

Aside from knitting there has also been spinning. The fibre in one of my last posts, a Corriedale from Southern Cross Fibre kind of fell out of love with me a little ways into spinning it. I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Corriedale fibre to begin with, and the colours weren't totally grabbing me. I Navajo plied what I had already spun, and wound up with a nice little mini skein of 95 metres of Fingering or 4 ply weight yarn. 
I have not the foggiest idea of what I am going to do with it. Maybe a wee dress for one of Miss Mayhem's dollies if I get really bored or something?
At any rate the remaining fibre has found itself a new home where it will be properly adored. 

And I pulled out some more Southern Cross Fibre that I absolutely adored, and spun it. I was on a roll with the Navajo ply so I continued it here. 
This one is Organic Merino, in a colourway called 'Natural Beauty' and it was the fibre club delivery that I received for November in 2010. Soft and smooshy and very yummy! It spun up to about an 8ply or Dk weight yarn, and there is 201 metres in this skein. 
This one is destined to be something for the new babe too - it's so lovely and soft, I think it will be super warm for maybe a jumper or cardi of some sort, and certainly something nice and soft for a wee little head :)

So, done! Till next time!


Hillside said...

Poor bugger - tooth nasties are the worst. Love the gorgeous green set for baby-to-be.

Jen said...

wow you spin beautifully.
and EEEP so tiny and cute! definitely looking up those booties!

knitabulous said...

I cannot get over how perfect your spinning is. I would love to spin like that. Perfect.

catsmum said...

you need to be a little less perfect in your spinning hunny so that mere mortals will not insult you by thinking it's commercial spun :P

catsmum said...

btw have you seen the wraplan on an actual babe ? I know that their heads are learger than one would expect but I DO wonder about that very open neckline.
So far it's been enough to keep that so so cute pattern from #1 in my rav queue.

luuuurve your version of course -
hoping to see it [ and the bump ] on Sunday ... or tonight ?