Monday, January 3, 2011

Photo A Day 3 - Wait, what?

January 3rd, 2011. Snapped in our local Safeway as I stood there in disbelief. 
I like hot cross buns, particularly of the chocolate variety, just as much (if not more) than anyone else but COME ON. 


Lucky-1 said...

Very sad, I so am not impressed as they are in our local stupidmarket as well:(

Sue said...

Well we had easter eggs in our Coles supermarket yesterday! I couldnt believe it, no wonder it feels like the year flies by so fast!

knitabulous said...

It's a frickin disgrace. I haven't seen them in my supermarket (yet), but I'll bet they're there.

Bloody terrible.

Trudi said...

I guess I'm a bit different to you guys. Hot cross buns are one of my favourite foods, so I've been waiting for them to come to woolies since 27/12. I had a delicious brekky of hot cross buns drowned in butter today. When Easter is almost here, I'll be filling up the freezer so I can still enjoy them for a few months more.

Anonymous said...

I guess the eggs will be out next week and all the kids will be asking how many sleep til Easter Bunny comes