Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Of Shawls and Spring and OpShopping

Everywhere around the place, bulbs are pushing their heads out of the ground, wattle trees are a riot of golden colour and cherry blossoms look like small pink and white firecrackers, going off with a fizz and a bang on the side of the road. Nature would have us believe it is spring, and in a week, the calendar would have us believing it too. 
I call bullshit. If you were in or around where I live today, that would seem pretty hard to swallow! I doubt it reached double digits in the temps all day long, it poured with rain and even after being in front of the heater for hours now - I still feel like I've barely begun to defrost. 

Today was spent starting to take the first (second, third and fourth) of many small loads of stuff over to the new house. So this may explain the frozen feelings. There was a nice interlude though, where I got to give a friend of mine a gift, someone who has been so amazing and supportive over the last 9 weeks or so of hell. 
For Lisa, in a riot of bright colour is this Multnomah shawlette. 

It is knit from Zauberball 'crazy' yarn, that I managed to score when I went down to the craft show at Jeff's Shed. 
It hasn't taken long to knit, is nice and warm, and the striping of the long colour repeats is so effective!

The main thing is that she seemed to like it though, and thats what it's all about :)

I also managed a score of my own the other day on a visit to the opshop. I was trying to find bench stools, and while I didn't find any, what I did find was a few metres of a really nice charcoal jersey fabric, and a pattern I quite like which the jersey will be perfect for. 

All for the princely sum of 4 bucks. Bargain!
I love me some opshopping and re purposing. 


Jen said...

Nice op shop score!!

KnittingintheRed said...

Very pretty!!!

BabyLongLegs said...

Op Shops are called Charity shops over here...and they are my favourite shops to visit :)
I went in a few whilst over in Oz blinking cheap!!

Big Uggs!

S xXx