Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finally! A new post!

Well, I have a few finished objects to share at long last. It's been a rough couple of weeks here, I started getting quite sick a few weeks ago but wasn't intelligent enough to take stock and realise there may be a reason my blood sugar levels were fluctuating. As it turns out, I had an infection in one of my teeth. While my body was fighting that though, another infection came in and king hit me - this time a UTI. For me, with a kidney reflux issue, this meant that it very quickly progressed to a kidney infection and a breif admission to hospital only to be discharged very quickly (thankfully!) with a fistful of antibiotics of a few varieties. I am on the mend now, but in the meantime, I'm trying to think of them as not-so-tasty smarties. lol.

First off, a soaker knit for a friends soon to come along wee chicken, knit in MonsterKnits 'Tiger Cub' colourway.

Secondly a beanie I made for my own gorgeous Mr Mayhem, in the same yarn. See that photogenic quality? He doesn't get that from me.

Thirdly, a soaker for Miss Chaos. Not sewn up yet, as I am still debating embellishing.

And lastly some photo's of a pair of shorties I made to take the sting out the tail of a bad situation :)

I am more than likely going to be kept busy at the moment however! I have One of my babies birthdays in two weeks time, and the other one 4 weeks after that! As much as I love the growing and exploring stage they are in right now, sometimes I wish they could stay wee and cute forever. They grow up too darn quick!

And finally, a note on why I have closed my store on WAHMania. I don't want this to start arguments all over again, but I feel my reasoning behind it has been misconstrued.

I did not close because of the administration of WAHMania. I closed because of the lynchmob that occurred.

I will not be held to be indebted to people I provided a product to - I will stay at home to care for my kids, business or no business. And I will not be told by any outside party (aside from those I have paid for the pleasure) how to run my business. I will not be held to ransom via threats made about boycotts, or bitching on public and not so public forums.

And while in hindsight what happenned was silly - that is all it was. I am not an easily offended person by any means, and I was not offended by it. There are far more important things in this world to be offended by and worried about than an internet prank. I feel much of it has been taken out of context by people who have something to gain, and I am also not much one for following blind sheep without the questioning of peoples motives.

Please if you feel the need to bitch about what I have written, take it up with me in here, please leave the people (and moderators) of Wahmania, EB and NC alone. Comments are enabled should you choose to do so.


Nic said...

Yay Girl!!! You rock.
P.S I agree with every word. :)