Monday, September 7, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Around here, it's been kind of a tough week. Master Mayhem and Miss Chaos have been a little more full on than usual - there was the fridge incident (way to say buh bye to 3 litres of milk, 500g of cheese, nearly a half a kilo of butter, a jar of minced garlic and a whole tin of strawberry quik). The next morning it was followed by a pantry incident (1 kg sugar, a whole box of cheerios, and a packet of crackers) and the morning after the medicine cupboard. (Those omega 3 blackcurrant flavoured fish oil capsules? The cat asked to be oiled and massaged. truly. But at least he smells fruity eh?)
Before anyone goes there, all three of these places have locks. We forgot to lock the fridge for the first time in months, and the locks on pantry and medicine cupboard now represent zero challenge it seems.

You take pleasure wherever you can get it though, and this week spring really has sprung around here, and it is everywhere you look. Tiny snow white lambs frolicking in the paddocks, animals everywhere doing that thing that.. animals do in spring, humans feeling the similar urge (everytime i drive past a couple of high schoolers doing the disco-pash around the corner from our place I lean out the window and yell 'BUSTED!' and watch 'em jump six foot in the air. Hy-st-er-i-cal I tell you). Then, of course there's one of my favourite things about spring - the flowers. I love daffodils, and I love tulips - but most of all I love, love, love the cherry blossoms. We have one in our front yard and she is doing a marvelous rendition of snow white this year :)

Since my last post, there was a scheduled stocking of the store - there is still a few things left this time also, which is good because I finally managed to organise some advertisements on Ravelry. I still get a wee thrill every time I see one my own advertisements. I know. I'm pathetic. :p But I am happy this way.

There's been very little spinning or sewing to show this week, however there has been some knitting done :) A couple of weeks ago I bought some sock yarn from knitabulous in the 'Count Sockular' colourway. I paired it up with the 'Froot Loop' pattern from Knitty, and freshly finished are these babies - I'm calling em FrootBat socks.

I also had some more Knitabulous yarn delivered today in a lovely bright orange / red colourway, a 50/50 merino and silk blend which is destined to become a shrug for me. It's very bright, and I love it. I have a feeling my need to accessorise my usual black black and black with a little colour is turning into a full blown wardrobe makeover. Eeek. (stop laughing. You know who you are.)

I also cast on my sisters 40th birthday present last night. It's beautiful so far, which is great, but in my usual style, I have left myself less than a month to complete it. Nothing quite so spurring as working under pressure is there?


Mandie said...

Laugh? Me? NEVAH!

kgirl said...

I wanna come yell "BUSTED" at horny teenagers with you ;)

knitabulous said...

My goodness. That's a LOT of blood!
I know a girl who actually was busted by the police getting hot and heavy in a car once.

catsmum said...

very creative foot modelling there kiddo and why hasn't there been a post about the joys-of-hospital-knitting-and-the-shrug
btw I's home!