Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too cute.

When at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show I stopped by the lovely Wooldancer's stall, and grabbed a braid of hand dyed organic merino. It was not my usual colours, but I liked it anyways, cause I am a fan of yellow, and this one was particularly citrusy and sunshiney.

I didn't wait very long before whacking it on the wheel - in fact I think I started spinning it on the Sunday evening? At any rate, with the tour de fleece continuing it wasn't long before it was done and looked like this:

I bought some Bendigo Woolen Mills 'Luxury' 8 ply to match in a similar sunshiney yellow, choose a pattern and off I went. I also 'made up' a shrug / bolero pattern to match when I was done, to make the most of the handspun, and to give her something else for an extra layer of warmth, because the days are still a bit chilly here. Now, Miss Chaos has a new outfit for spring :

She sure doesn't look like the chaos creator she is.


DrCris said...

That is gorgeous. An inspiring use of handspun to its greatest advantage. Congratulations. And may I say, she looks totally thrilled to have her photo taken. ;)

betsybookwyrm said...

The yarn is lovely, and the outfit and the girl are both adorable :)

I agree with DrCris - this is an excellent way to use handspun!

kgirl said...

she looks like a little lemondrop angel, gorgeous girl :)

The handspun is beautiful, I like the plied look you've done (can you tell I'm not a spinner by my use of technical terminology?!!)

Wooldancer said...

yay, I love to see Wooldancer fibre spins! Your handspun is stunning.. a pretty nice colour too if i do say so myself hehehe, but your outfit is TOTALLY covetable Tara. Adorable even. and then some. Beautiful work.