Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hop, hop - hippity hop. Welcome to Monday.

Hmmm. Mondays. I really hate them. I think I may have been garfield in a previous life. Todays Monday however, it's raining and pouring, I had a very busy weekend which I am exhuasted from, and Daylight savings began so my wake / sleep clock is buggerred. Pleasant, no?

I managed to start and finish in a little under a week, the Dream In Colour Shrug. 

I am really quite happy with it. It is knit directly from the pattern, in the yarn called for (such a rarity for me!) in the colourway 'Cocoa Kiss'. The colour is perfect for me and my kick of all things kinda natural coloured at the moment and it fits really well aside from one little issue. 

Once it's on - I can't get it off without assistance. My arms simply don't move that far behind me because of back issues. I continue to wear it anyways, because I love it so. I may even make more of these, slightly modified, because they look good and are so handy just to throw on. I never thought I would get into the 'shrug thing' but I guess I was wrong. Just like I was wrong when I thought cowls were pointless. NOW I want about 500 of them. All in different colours. 

Planning for Bendigo 2009 has begun in earnest around here. I can't say anything yet, but I am running myself fairly ragged over it!

Finally, I introduce the newest member of our family, who came to live with us this week. 

Meet Cap'n Jack (wabbit). Named after both Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Jack Harkness, take your pic as to which you like more. Jack is 5 weeks old, unbearably cute, not timid in the slightest, and is now Master Mayhem's new best friend. Upon waking this morning the first thing he said was 'Jack? Jack wabbit?'. 

Miss Chaos is also rather interested, but Master Mayhems interest borders on total adoration. That kid just LOVES animals. 


Anonymous said...

Oh how adorable, shrug, Mr Mayhem, and the rabbit.

Storm Angel said...

Your shrug is lovely, lickable even!
The wabbit is almost as adorable as the kids, but quieter, no? :)

kgirl said...

freakin adorable rabbit!

let us know if there's anything I can help with re: Bendigo '09, too.

Meagan said...

Ohmigosh! I didn't pick that you'd made the shrug when I saw it on Friday, it's gorgeous! Cute rabbit too :)

catsmum said...

adorable shrug
adorable new haircut [ from what I can see in the backview photo ]
and super adorable wabbit

okay you've had a month since this post, it's bloody November for chrissakes,I need cute bunny pix

and my verification word is beari - how cool is that ? I'm sure Mr Bear would be very impressed if I told him

Karen in Bendigo said...

Have been meaning to say - love the shrug. You must wear it one day if you haven't given it away.

Oh - and yes - I just tagged you in my blog.