Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sweet Hearts for my sweetheart

I am back with an update! (see, I even amaze myself with this)

There has been quite a bit going on round here. I am flat chat between here and Bendi with quilts to make, jumpers to knit, things to organise and fibre to spin.

Todays update though is concerned with objects of the finished variety though!

A couple of days ago I completed a pair of fingerless mitts - the symmetrical braided gauntlets to be precise. I can't post a photo as they are for my secret swap pal on ravely, however I got to say - I love the pattern, and SUCH a good fit! I think I may have to make another pair, for me. Perhaps in the mmm mmm mmmalabrigo which arrived the other day in the post. I got a skein or velvet grapes, and one of paris nights. One skein is destinned to be a ziggy slouch hat, the other.. well, yeah I think fingerless mitts are on the cards. Thanks Ribs!!

My main finished object though is the quilt I have been making for Miss Chaos. After many trips to spotlight to just.. browse lol with no clue of what I was doing, and quite a bit of work it is finished! Completed last night, thrown in the wash then hung to dry. I love it and am very proud of it. I learned alot along the way and am now confident that my sewing machine is the best thing since sliced bread. Awesome!

Here she is hanging up outside for a photo shoot:

and here she is having a close up and showing off her bee-hind ;)

To come in the next update: a 500g bag of black lamb fibre. Mmmmmmmmmm.


librarylass said...

I love that quilt Tara, so pretty! And you mentioned something about lambswool (Pavlovian response.. salivate lol)

Yarn said...

Oh my Goodness.......... I LOVE IT!!!!!!

- ribs

Rell said...

Well Little Miss Chaos should love that blankie.

Yes Ribs has a lot to answer for with the mmmm malabrigo; I am still resisting. LOL

Lambs fleece. mmm wonders....

Have fun at Bendi.

Bam Bam be good for your mother.

Peta said...

wow Tara your quilt is so beautiful. and i thought you said you were new to this whole quilting thing.. :D i will have to get some hints off you i think
chatch you soon
big hugs